Jason Malachi Facebook hackad!

Många fans kände sig i natt förvirrade och tycker att informationen om det hackade Facebook-kontot var knapphändig. Var det Jason Malachi som hade skrivit uppdateringen på sin FB-sida eller var kontot verkligen hackat? Meningarna gick isär. Jacksonthrill valde därför att gå rakt på sak och kontaktade Jason Malachis manager, Thad Nauden, för ett exklusivt officiellt uttalande till Michael Jackson‘s fans.



”To ALL MJ fans and to the members of Jacksonthrill.se

I guess not all bad things comes out controversy. Meaning, I have never heard of this site until I was contacted for a comment. Jason and I LOVE the site. It is so beautifully constructed and our favorite line is ”Good Art Never Dies”. That is the absolute truth when it comes to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. His are will NEVER die!

LOVE finding new positive sites about Michael Jackson.

I honestly can tell ALL MJ fans and members of Jacksonthrill.se, That Jason Malachi was NOT the person who posted that message on his facebook account. His account was honestly hacked.

I promise Jacksonthrill.se, just like I promised other MJ fan sites and TMZ, when Facebook and the attorney’s do their investigation and IF (and GOD willing when) they find the hacker, we will inform you immediately and furthermore we are going to prosecute the fullest degree!

So, just to clarify, my client Jason Malachi DID NOT make that statement and his account was hacked!

Being a HUGE MJ fan, I can see how Michael Jackson felt when people accused him of those terrible crimes. You can only tell the truth, but People will still believe what they want to believe. JUST SO THAT THERE IS NO CONTROVERSY, I am NOT comparing my client to Michael Jackson. Michael told the world that ”it was not true and that it never happened. I would slit my wrists before I would ever harm a child.” and I 100% believed him then and still believe in his innocence now. Many people did not and still do not.

So, all I can state is the truth. My client Jason Malachi NEVER made that statement and his account was HONESTLY hacked.

Many blessings from the U.S. and we hope and pray that Jacksonthrill.se and their members continues to carry on Michael’s message of L.O.V.E., I wish he were still here.

GOD Bless!

Thad Nauden.”

Det var alltså någon som hade hackat Jason Malachi's Facbook konto och hade b.l.a skrivit att han hade ljugit för många personer och att det är han som sjunger Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up, Monster and Stay.

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